The most rewarding way to learn piano

Yohondo for iPad is the fun, bite size way to learn your piano pieces. For the classics and for the ABRSM piano exams. Whether you are 5 or 85 you will learn them fast, learn them right and have fun.


Yohondo brings music books into the 21st century.

Learn your piano pieces in a structured, easy to follow course that you can use alongside your weekly teaching. Sit at your piano, put your iPad in front of you, and we will take you step by step to mastering your piece with professional sound recordings, animated notation and videos on technique.

After using Yohondo, a book with a CD at the back will seem so last century.

Our apps

ABRSM Piano 2015/16


Clementi, Grade 1, A1

Minuet in G

Haydn, Grade 1, A2


Handel, Grade 2, A1

Minuet in C

Schale, Grade 2, A2

ABRSM Piano 2013/14

Minuet in G

Mozart, Grade 1, A1


Das Ballett

Türk, Grade 1, A3


Gedike, Grade 1, B1

In a Boat (Na łodce)

Rybicki, Grade 1, B3

Chattanooga Choo Choo

Warren & Gordon, Grade 1, C3

Blue Sky Blues

Stapleton, Grade 3, C3

ABRSM Piano 2015/16 Videos

Best performances and clearest recordings of the pieces from the ABRSM 2015/16 piano syllabus.



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alex_sLearning the grade 3 piece Blue Sky Blues through Yohondo was an abso­lute rev­el­a­tion. It seemed way out of reach but with Yohondo the speed increase and con­fid­ence boost made it like learn­ing on ster­oids. Your accur­acy improves too because you learn to play it cor­rectly right from the start.

Alex, father and student, Brighton

NajmaMy son found Yohondo incredibly useful, particularly the way the music was segmented into small pieces that he could both hear and see, so that he could really focus on the difficult bits.  The proof was in the exam result and he got distinction for all his pieces.

Najma, parent, London

Unknown-Little-GirlI like it because you can see and hear it and it gives you the beat

Daisy, student, age 10

FionaYohondo bridges that tricky gap between the les­son and prac­tice at home. My les­sons whizz along when my pupil has prac­tised with Yohondo. Everything is broken down and explained so thoroughly and competently, young pianists progress as if I was by their side during the week.

Fiona, piano teacher, Chelmsford

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